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Wild Bandung

Wild Bandung

All animal life within a ten mile radius of the city center (flexible). Subjects to include mammals, reptiles, birds, arthropods. Lets not forget the flowers, plant, shrubs, trees and all the other unique fauna of Bandung. Sign in to join mission

Wild Bandung
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Website 15 participants 668 spottings

I have been photographing bugs and lizards around Bandung for a year now and am very impressed with the diversity of life around this large, industrious city. I would like to invite other photographers in the area to join me and show the world that big cities are not dead zones for wildlife.

Wild Bandung

Lat: -6.92 Long: 107.61

Recent Spottings

Scarlet-headed Flowerpecker Jason Alexander 1 0 Scarlet-headed Flowerpecker
Caterpillar Jason Alexander 1 1 Caterpillar
Coconut Nettle Caterpillar Jason Alexander 1 1 Coconut Nettle Caterpillar
Caterpillars Jason Alexander 1 0 Caterpillars
Caterpillar Jason Alexander 1 1 Caterpillar
Tortrix Moth Caterpillar Jason Alexander 2 2 Tortrix Moth Caterpillar
Giant Leech Jason Alexander 1 3 Giant Leech
Yellow-lined Epeus Spider Jason Alexander 4 2 Yellow-lined Epeus Spider
Hammerhead Flatworm Jason Alexander 1 0 Hammerhead Flatworm
Unknown spotting IreneBA 1 0 Unknown spotting
Painted Jezebel Jason Alexander 2 0 Painted Jezebel
Unknown spotting IreneBA 2 1 Unknown spotting
Lemon Migrant Jason Alexander 1 0 Lemon Migrant
Unknown spotting dandoucette 2 4 Unknown spotting
Silverfish Jason Alexander 2 0 Silverfish
Common Wolf Snake Jason Alexander 15 10 Common Wolf Snake
Lymantria Moth Jason Alexander 4 0 Lymantria Moth
Brownie Butterfly Jason Alexander 2 3 Brownie Butterfly
Cabbage Shield Bug Jason Alexander 2 1 Cabbage Shield Bug
Siamese Rhinoceros Beetle Jason Alexander 1 0 Siamese Rhinoceros Beetle
Longhorn Beetle Jason Alexander 6 0 Longhorn Beetle
Hoverfly Jason Alexander 1 2 Hoverfly
jeweled flower mantis folicallychalled 18 4 jeweled flower mantis
Moth Jason Alexander 1 0 Moth
Yeoman Caterpillar Jason Alexander 2 2 Yeoman Caterpillar
Moth Caterpillar Jason Alexander 4 1 Moth Caterpillar
Ladybird Mimic Spider folicallychalled 9 7 Ladybird Mimic Spider
Jeweled Flower Mantis Female folicallychalled 11 8 Jeweled Flower Mantis Female
Blue Banded Bee folicallychalled 31 16 Blue Banded Bee
Tiger Moth folicallychalled 2 0 Tiger Moth
melon fruit fly folicallychalled 4 1 melon fruit fly
Praying mantis SuzannaSetiawaty 1 1 Praying mantis
Tiger Moth folicallychalled 4 0 Tiger Moth
Ladybird folicallychalled 6 1 Ladybird
Tiger Moth folicallychalled 3 0 Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth folicallychalled 3 0 Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth folicallychalled 2 0 Tiger Moth
Wasp Moth folicallychalled 3 2 Wasp Moth
Soldier Beetle folicallychalled 1 1 Soldier Beetle
Unknown spotting IreneBA 3 0 Unknown spotting
Plain Tiger Jason Alexander 1 0 Plain Tiger
Palm Bob Caterpillar Jason Alexander 4 3 Palm Bob Caterpillar
Stalk Eyed Fly folicallychalled 1 0 Stalk Eyed Fly
Anderson’s Grass Yellow folicallychalled 2 1 Anderson’s Grass Yellow
Unknown spotting IreneBA 2 1 Unknown spotting
frog folicallychalled 2 0 frog
Four Lined Tree Frog folicallychalled 1 0 Four Lined Tree Frog
Mottled Emigrant Caterpillar Jason Alexander 4 1 Mottled Emigrant Caterpillar
Painted Lady IreneBA 2 4 Painted Lady
Chamaedorea Palm Jason Alexander 1 0 Chamaedorea Palm

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