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Armand Bayou in Texas

Armand Bayou in Texas

Identify, catalog, and learn the wildlife in your own area such as at parks, waterways, and even your own backyard. The goal is to have fun learning as much as you can so that conservation comes naturally. Try and list one fun fact about each item. How fun would it be to be able to name everything you see when you take a walk or drive. Your world is out there waiting to be noticed. Now go outside! Use the wiki or a credible website to look up what you find. People here can help identify and there are also facebook groups you can ask what certain things are. I also put my photos on to help learn. Sign in to join mission

Armand Bayou in Texas
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This is for Armand Bayou and 50 mile radius. Observation is the key to conservation. People will tend to conserve what they love! I absolutely love the wide variety of nature in this area. Did you ever think about how dolphins live within miles of where you live (assuming you live in this area)? There are over 250 different species of birds that live and migrate through here! Did you know spanish moss is related to a pineapple? Think of nature exploration as a game. Go take a photo, learn about what it is that you took, and write down a fun fact. Turkey Tail Mushrooms help cure cancer! (cite the study and they do!) The local Banana Spider which is really a (Golden Silk Orb Weaver) has web so strong they have used it to make bullet proof vests! Everything in nature has value to us. Go have some exercise walking or kayaking, get a little yoga in taking photos, nurture your soul surrounding yourself with nature and be your own explorer learning in the great outdoors what mother nature has to offer, and best of all, be a citizen scientist to show what treasures this area holds. All the while be a nature ninja! Meaning this is Mother Natures respect it as if it was your grandma's house. Take only photos and be mindful of litter!

Armand Bayou in Texas

Lat: 29.59 Long: -95.08

Recent Spottings

Atlantic Croaker StacyH 11 3 Atlantic Croaker
Six-spotted Fishing Spider Ty Vod 18 11 Six-spotted Fishing Spider
Spotting StacyH 1 0 Spotting
Yellow-billed cuckoo StacyH 11 3 Yellow-billed cuckoo
American five-lined skink StacyH 4 1 American five-lined skink
Spotting StacyH 0 0 Spotting
Golden Orb Silk Weaver StacyHolcomb 8 6 Golden Orb Silk Weaver
Eastern kingbird StacyH 2 0 Eastern kingbird
Pectinatella magnifica StacyHolcomb 1 4 Pectinatella magnifica
yellow-crowned night heron StacyHolcomb 4 3 yellow-crowned night heron
Roseate spoonbill StacyHolcomb 3 0 Roseate spoonbill
American bullfrog StacyH 1 0 American bullfrog
Spotting StacyH 1 0 Spotting
Gray vervain StacyH 1 0 Gray vervain
Genista Broom Moth StacyHolcomb 1 0 Genista Broom Moth
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher StacyHolcomb 1 0 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Eastern Wood-Pewee StacyH 0 1 Eastern Wood-Pewee
Loggerhead shrike StacyHolcomb 1 0 Loggerhead shrike
Common Whitetail StacyHolcomb 0 0 Common Whitetail
Swamp Rabbit StacyHolcomb 0 0 Swamp Rabbit
American white ibis StacyHolcomb 0 0 American white ibis
Yellow-crowned Night-heron StacyHolcomb 0 0 Yellow-crowned Night-heron
White-tailed deer StacyHolcomb 0 0 White-tailed deer
texas star StacyH 0 0 texas star
Red-eared slider StacyHolcomb 0 0 Red-eared slider
Yellow-crowned Night-heron StacyHolcomb 0 0 Yellow-crowned Night-heron
American Beauty Berry StacyHolcomb 0 0 American Beauty Berry
black and yellow garden spider StacyHolcomb 0 0 black and yellow garden spider
Long-legged fly StacyH 0 0 Long-legged fly
Pinfish StacyHolcomb 0 0 Pinfish
Black-crowned Night-heron StacyHolcomb 0 1 Black-crowned Night-heron
red-shouldered hawk StacyHolcomb 0 0 red-shouldered hawk
European starling StacyHolcomb 0 0 European starling
house sparrow StacyHolcomb 0 0 house sparrow
Mourning Dove StacyHolcomb 0 0 Mourning Dove
Killdeer StacyHolcomb 0 0 Killdeer
Spotting StacyHolcomb 0 0 Spotting
Bald Cypress StacyH 0 0 Bald Cypress
Solitary sandpiper StacyHolcomb 0 0 Solitary sandpiper
Double-crested cormorant StacyHolcomb 0 0 Double-crested cormorant
Blue-winged teal StacyH 0 0 Blue-winged teal
Red-eared slider StacyH 0 0 Red-eared slider
Swamp Rabbit StacyH 0 0 Swamp Rabbit
Venus' Looking Glass StacyH 0 0 Venus' Looking Glass
northern crested caracara StacyHolcomb 0 0 northern crested caracara
Reddish egret StacyH 0 0 Reddish egret
Allegheny blackberry StacyH 0 0 Allegheny blackberry
Roseate spoonbill StacyH 0 0 Roseate spoonbill
American white ibis StacyH 0 0 American white ibis
Black-necked stilt StacyH 0 0 Black-necked stilt

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