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Flora and Fauna of New Zealand

Flora and Fauna of New Zealand

If you spot any flora or fauna in New Zealand that's not in a zoo, please add them to this mission. Sign in to join mission

Flora and Fauna of New Zealand
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Help to document native flora and fauna of New Zealand. New Zealand is a land of contrasts from the sub-tropical areas North of Auckland, alpine regions in the Southern Alps in the South Island and the Central Plateau of the North Island and the wide plains of Central Canterbury. If you spot any native flora or fauna from New Zealand, add them to this mission.

Flora and Fauna of New Zealand

Lat: -41.29 Long: 174.78

Recent Spottings

NZ Bush Giant Dragonfly remkinloch 5 3 NZ Bush Giant Dragonfly
NZ Bellbird remkinloch 3 2 NZ Bellbird
Rare Yellow Pohutukawa JillBlack 4 1 Rare Yellow Pohutukawa
NZ fern, Blechnum sp remkinloch 4 0 NZ fern, Blechnum sp
New Zealand Grey Fantail remkinloch 11 12 New Zealand Grey Fantail
New Zealand Pigeon/Kereru remkinloch 7 2 New Zealand Pigeon/Kereru
NZ Red Admiral remkinloch 8 1 NZ Red Admiral
Turkey Tail Fungi remkinloch 3 2 Turkey Tail Fungi
Notch-head Marblefish triggsturner 3 0 Notch-head Marblefish
Lemon Honeycap triggsturner 3 0 Lemon Honeycap
Red Waxgill triggsturner 23 7 Red Waxgill
NZ Fur Seal remkinloch 8 3 NZ Fur Seal
Orange-fronted Parakeet triggsturner 14 7 Orange-fronted Parakeet
North Island Robin (Toutouwai) remkinloch 10 2 North Island Robin (Toutouwai)
Icicle Tooth Fungus triggsturner 16 5 Icicle Tooth Fungus
Wineglass Leatherbracket triggsturner 3 0 Wineglass Leatherbracket
North Island Kaka remkinloch 16 9 North Island Kaka
Seal CEM_Kinloch 4 0 Seal
Velvet Earthstar triggsturner 6 0 Velvet Earthstar
Tentacled Stinkhorn triggsturner 21 13 Tentacled Stinkhorn
Spider (NZ) remkinloch 4 0 Spider (NZ)
Common Bully triggsturner 3 4 Common Bully
New Zealand Bluefish triggsturner 2 4 New Zealand Bluefish
Orange Poreconch triggsturner 25 23 Orange Poreconch
Steel ladybird CEM_Kinloch 4 0 Steel ladybird
Basket stinkhorn CEM_Kinloch 2 0 Basket stinkhorn
Weta CEM_Kinloch 5 3 Weta
Iron crab CEM_Kinloch 1 0 Iron crab
Orange poreconch CEM_Kinloch 10 1 Orange poreconch
Crimson Helmet triggsturner 6 0 Crimson Helmet
Bush Giant Dragonfly JillBlack 1 0 Bush Giant Dragonfly
Pacific Red Gurnard triggsturner 12 7 Pacific Red Gurnard
Southern Bell Frog triggsturner 3 0 Southern Bell Frog
Australasian Flying Fish triggsturner 18 9 Australasian Flying Fish
Wrybill triggsturner 5 2 Wrybill
Pacific Flying Squid triggsturner 57 49 Pacific Flying Squid
Green and Gold Bell Frog triggsturner 18 11 Green and Gold Bell Frog
False Killer Whale triggsturner 28 21 False Killer Whale
Dusky Dolphin triggsturner 40 37 Dusky Dolphin
Variable Oystercatcher triggsturner 13 4 Variable Oystercatcher
Hectors Dolphin triggsturner 23 14 Hectors Dolphin
Red-tailed Tropicbird triggsturner 7 5 Red-tailed Tropicbird
Japanese Umbrella Inkcap triggsturner 5 2 Japanese Umbrella Inkcap
Kermadec Nikau Palm triggsturner 1 0 Kermadec Nikau Palm
Australasian Shoveler triggsturner 18 4 Australasian Shoveler
Northern Wattle Moth triggsturner 9 2 Northern Wattle Moth
Northern New Zealand Dotterel triggsturner 11 6 Northern New Zealand Dotterel
Australian Bull Ray Sophie Mikey and Elijah 1 3 Australian Bull Ray
McCann's Skink triggsturner 3 0 McCann's Skink
Salvin's Albatross triggsturner 23 19 Salvin's Albatross

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