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Queensland's Nocturnal Wildlife

Queensland's Nocturnal Wildlife

Please add any wildlife found during spotlighting activities, any animals that are active during the night etc. Please give plenty of information on where and how they were spotted. Sign in to join mission

Queensland's Nocturnal Wildlife
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To document the nocturnal wildlife of Queensland.

Queensland's Nocturnal Wildlife

Lat: -27.56 Long: 151.95

Recent Spottings

Yellow-footed Antechinus (deceased male) Neil Ross 4 2 Yellow-footed Antechinus (deceased male)
Yellow-footed Antechinus Neil Ross 25 26 Yellow-footed Antechinus
Granny's Cloak Moth Neil Ross 2 0 Granny's Cloak Moth
Common Ringtail Possum (mobbed by birds) Neil Ross 1 0 Common Ringtail Possum (mobbed by birds)
Littlejohn's Toadlet ScottHarte 1 0 Littlejohn's Toadlet
Snail ScottHarte 2 0 Snail
Cophixalus australis ScottHarte 1 0 Cophixalus australis
Short-beaked Echidna ScottHarte 2 0 Short-beaked Echidna
Brushtail Possum oznaturepix 2 0 Brushtail Possum
Common Brushtail Possum ShannaB 1 0 Common Brushtail Possum
Coastal Carpet Python Christiane 3 2 Coastal Carpet Python
Southern Boobook Neil Ross 3 0 Southern Boobook
Common Brushtail Possum Christiane 9 0 Common Brushtail Possum
Lesser Sooty Owl ScottHarte 3 2 Lesser Sooty Owl
Verreaux's Tree Frog Neil Ross 5 4 Verreaux's Tree Frog
White Looper Moth rachele.s.w 0 2 White Looper Moth
Australian Owlet-nightjar ScottHarte 19 10 Australian Owlet-nightjar
Peron's Tree Frog Christiane 10 5 Peron's Tree Frog
Green Tree Frog Christiane 1 0 Green Tree Frog
Common Ringtail Possum (male) Neil Ross 7 3 Common Ringtail Possum (male)
Tawn Frogmouth ScottHarte 6 3 Tawn Frogmouth
Green Tree Frog Christiane 2 0 Green Tree Frog
Green Tree Frog Christiane 2 7 Green Tree Frog
Pobblebonk; Northern Banjo Frog ScottHarte 2 0 Pobblebonk; Northern Banjo Frog
Wolf Spider and Babies ScottHarte 2 0 Wolf Spider and Babies
Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog ScottHarte 7 2 Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog
Black Flying Fox Neil Ross 6 4 Black Flying Fox
Common Brushtail Possum (male) Neil Ross 0 2 Common Brushtail Possum (male)
Fawn-footed melomys ScottHarte 4 0 Fawn-footed melomys
Common Brushtail Possum (juvenile) Neil Ross 47 27 Common Brushtail Possum (juvenile)
Rescued Joey - Common Ringtail Possum Neil Ross 10 13 Rescued Joey - Common Ringtail Possum
Common Brushtail Possum (mother & joey 2013) Neil Ross 14 12 Common Brushtail Possum (mother & joey 2013)
Fawn-footed Melomys ScottHarte 1 0 Fawn-footed Melomys
Uperoleia altissima ScottHarte 4 0 Uperoleia altissima
Broad-toed Feathertail Glider ShannaB 46 24 Broad-toed Feathertail Glider
Ornate Burrowing Frog ScottHarte 9 0 Ornate Burrowing Frog
Uperoleia altissima ScottHarte 2 2 Uperoleia altissima
Cane Toad ShannaB 2 0 Cane Toad
Roth's Tree Frog LeanneGardner 3 3 Roth's Tree Frog
Stoney Creek Frog Neil Ross 5 5 Stoney Creek Frog
Ornate Burrowing Frog ScottHarte 2 0 Ornate Burrowing Frog
Phyllurus nepthys ScottHarte 1 0 Phyllurus nepthys
Castor Oil Semi-Looper Moth (captured by Gecko) Neil Ross 2 4 Castor Oil Semi-Looper Moth (captured by Gecko)
Little Forest Bat Neil Ross 4 2 Little Forest Bat
Common Ringtail Possum Neil Ross 2 11 Common Ringtail Possum
Common Ringtail Possum Neil Ross 19 15 Common Ringtail Possum
Tawny Frogmouths (adults and chicks) naross 5 1 Tawny Frogmouths (adults and chicks)
Carpet Snake Christiane 1 0 Carpet Snake
Ringtail Possum ShannaB 2 0 Ringtail Possum
Inland ring-tailed gecko ScottHarte 2 0 Inland ring-tailed gecko

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