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Underwater Hawai'i

Underwater Hawai'i

Please limit postings to underwater places, fish, corals, etc. Mostly, I'd expect scuba photography, but snorkeling shots can work too - just keep it offshore! :) Sign in to join mission

Underwater Hawai'i
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Underwater photographs of the environment and inhabitants of ocean around the Hawai'ian Islands.

Underwater Hawai'i

Lat: 20.80 Long: -156.33

Recent Spottings

Whitemouth Moray Eel SargonR 1 0 Whitemouth Moray Eel
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 5 1 Green Sea Turtle
Blackside Hawkfish SargonR 2 0 Blackside Hawkfish
Magnificent Snake Eel SargonR 4 1 Magnificent Snake Eel
Seven-Eleven Crab SargonR 4 1 Seven-Eleven Crab
Ornate Butterflyfish SargonR 3 0 Ornate Butterflyfish
Bluespine Unicornfish SargonR 3 1 Bluespine Unicornfish
Barred Filefish SargonR 3 0 Barred Filefish
Pacific Day Octopus SargonR 1 2 Pacific Day Octopus
Yellow-Margined Spanish Dancer SargonR 1 0 Yellow-Margined Spanish Dancer
Green Sea Turtle Graham Monroe 3 0 Green Sea Turtle
Spotting Graham Monroe 0 0 Spotting
Whitebar Surgeonfish Graham Monroe 0 0 Whitebar Surgeonfish
Common Bottlenose dolphin D'rtanyon 1 1 Common Bottlenose dolphin
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 1 0 Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 1 0 Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 1 0 Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 1 0 Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 2 0 Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 2 0 Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 3 0 Green Sea Turtle
Tapering Cowrie allen.hoof 1 0 Tapering Cowrie
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 3 3 Green Sea Turtle
Common Big-Eye SargonR 1 0 Common Big-Eye
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 2 0 Green Sea Turtle
Spotted Porcupinefish /kōkala jackie.hawaii 11 9 Spotted Porcupinefish /kōkala
Green Sea Turtle SargonR 0 2 Green Sea Turtle
Conspicuous Sea Cucumbers allen.hoof 1 0 Conspicuous Sea Cucumbers
Conspicuous Sea Cucumbers allen.hoof 1 3 Conspicuous Sea Cucumbers
Christmas Wrasse/ ‘awela jackie.hawaii 2 0 Christmas Wrasse/ ‘awela
Snowflake Moray Eel Max Gallagher 2 0 Snowflake Moray Eel
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle/ Honu jackie.hawaii 3 0 Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle/ Honu
Blue-Pincher Crab jackie.hawaii 5 3 Blue-Pincher Crab
Great Barracuda/ Kaku jackie.hawaii 1 0 Great Barracuda/ Kaku
Christmas Wrasse joanbstanley 6 0 Christmas Wrasse
Hawksbill Sea Turtle/ honu ‘ea jackie.hawaii 2 2 Hawksbill Sea Turtle/ honu ‘ea
Milletseed Butterflyfish/ lauwiliwili jackie.hawaii 2 2 Milletseed Butterflyfish/ lauwiliwili
Reef Triggerfish/ humuhumunukunukuapua'a jackie.hawaii 2 2 Reef Triggerfish/ humuhumunukunukuapua'a
Stripebelly Puffer/ kihikihi jackie.hawaii 2 4 Stripebelly Puffer/ kihikihi
Zebra Blenny jackie.hawaii 1 0 Zebra Blenny
Marbled Blenny jackie.hawaii 1 0 Marbled Blenny
Moorish Idol/ kihikihi jackie.hawaii 1 0 Moorish Idol/ kihikihi
Spotted Coral Blenny SargonR 1 0 Spotted Coral Blenny
Bigfin Squid SargonR 2 0 Bigfin Squid
Bullethead Parrotfish SargonR 6 2 Bullethead Parrotfish
Shortnose Wrasse SargonR 8 0 Shortnose Wrasse
Scarface Blenny SargonR 2 0 Scarface Blenny
Titan Scorpionfish SargonR 10 3 Titan Scorpionfish
Green Sea Turtle joanbstanley 4 0 Green Sea Turtle
Hawaiian Filefish Fantail joanbstanley 1 1 Hawaiian Filefish Fantail

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