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Animals with Warning Colors

Animals with Warning Colors

Bring your pictures of animals with warning colors (Aposematic) and all the information you have of them Sign in to join mission

Animals with Warning Colors
Created by

Juan DiTrani

Website 867 participants 1,516 spottings

Many animals use colors in the opposite way of camouflage. They have bright colors wich make them highly conspicous on the environment. Potential predators then can relate and remember these colors to unpleasant or dangerous animals to eat. This survival strategy, named Aposematism, is beneficial for the prey and the predator, and have been reported in many animals like insects, frogs, snakes and aquatic animals.

Animals with Warning Colors

Lat: 8.99 Long: -80.99

Recent Spottings

Painted Lady Muckpuk 1 0 Painted Lady
Mourning Cloak Caterpillar Muckpuk 0 1 Mourning Cloak Caterpillar
Red Harvester Ant Steven Sheppard 1 0 Red Harvester Ant
Red shield bug Pieter_vR 3 2 Red shield bug
Mason Bee Gaia80 2 0 Mason Bee
Black And Red Bug Gaia80 4 3 Black And Red Bug
Monarch butterfly Steven Sheppard 1 0 Monarch butterfly
Minstrel Bug Gaia80 4 2 Minstrel Bug
Common Mapwing TajSALDO 4 3 Common Mapwing
Paper Wasp Gaia80 1 0 Paper Wasp
Firebug Gaia80 1 0 Firebug
European Firebug tmvdh 7 0 European Firebug
Assassin Bug Tukup 5 1 Assassin Bug
Malayan Tiger Moth ChunXingWong 6 0 Malayan Tiger Moth
Neotropical Assassin Bug Tukup 9 16 Neotropical Assassin Bug
Fire salamander (Σαλαμάνδρα) DespinaTsafetopoulou 2 0 Fire salamander (Σαλαμάνδρα)
Purple Sea Star Jason Alexander 3 0 Purple Sea Star
Saffron Playboy bayucca 18 10 Saffron Playboy
Ricolla Assassin Bug / Percevejo-Assassino-Ricolla Oscar Neto 6 0 Ricolla Assassin Bug / Percevejo-Assassino-Ricolla
Redback spider (male) Mark Ridgway 5 6 Redback spider (male)
Fruit Piercing Moth ह्याली राई Halley Rai 3 4 Fruit Piercing Moth
Striped bug Pieter_vR 1 0 Striped bug
Spotting Steven Sheppard 1 0 Spotting
Spotting Steven Sheppard 1 0 Spotting
Zebra Beetle / Besouro-Zebra Oscar Neto 4 0 Zebra Beetle / Besouro-Zebra
Round Synaema MargaritaOrlova 1 1 Round Synaema
Inch Worm Explorer 1 1 3 Inch Worm
African Monarchs Mating Bernadette S 4 0 African Monarchs Mating
Fungus-eating Ladybird flyingfrogconcepts 1 0 Fungus-eating Ladybird
Culebra de escalera // Ladder snake EvaMartínTaberna 1 0 Culebra de escalera // Ladder snake
Australian Native cockroach AJ Arruda 15 12 Australian Native cockroach
Slender Orange Bush Fly AJ Arruda 2 1 Slender Orange Bush Fly
Rainbow Lorikeet AJ Arruda 4 0 Rainbow Lorikeet
Green Tree Ants AJ Arruda 5 0 Green Tree Ants
Common Green Bottle Fly InêsVeloso 3 0 Common Green Bottle Fly
Cassowary AJ Arruda 1 0 Cassowary
Spotting AJ Arruda 1 0 Spotting
Spotting AJ Arruda 1 1 Spotting
Large Milkweed Bug Machi 2 0 Large Milkweed Bug
Red and Black Striped Stink Bug InêsVeloso 5 0 Red and Black Striped Stink Bug
Bumblebee InêsVeloso 7 3 Bumblebee
Six spot burnet Muckpuk 4 0 Six spot burnet
Large Milkweed Bug Machi 4 0 Large Milkweed Bug
Millipede PutkovAlexander 2 1 Millipede
Spotting PutkovAlexander 2 0 Spotting
Nine-spotted moth Mauron 4 4 Nine-spotted moth
Fire salamander PutkovAlexander 1 2 Fire salamander
Six-spot burnet - Zygène de la filipendule DanielePralong 8 7 Six-spot burnet - Zygène de la filipendule
Black and Yellow Mud Dauber Steven Sheppard 2 0 Black and Yellow Mud Dauber
Giant springtail larva Mark Ridgway 12 7 Giant springtail larva

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