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Marsupials of the World

Marsupials of the World

Please post only Marsupial Animals in this Mission. Here is a list of all the Marsupials found on our planet. Sign in to join mission

Marsupials of the World
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There are only 434 Marsupials on our planet. Let's see how many Marsupials Project Noah can find. Marsupials are an infraclass of mammals, characterized by giving birth to relatively undeveloped young. Close to 70% of the 334 extant species occur in Australia, New Guinea, and nearby islands, with the remaining 100 found in the Americas, primarily in South America, but with thirteen in Central America, and one in North America, north of Mexico.

Marsupials of the World

Lat: -22.49 Long: 153.11

Recent Spottings

Skull of Eastern Grey Kangaroo (joey or juvenile) Neil Ross 4 2 Skull of Eastern Grey Kangaroo (joey or juvenile)
Northern/Queensland Koala Single D 1 1 Northern/Queensland Koala
Koala Neil Ross 0 1 Koala
Whiptail Wallaby Neil Ross 6 0 Whiptail Wallaby
Koala Single D 6 4 Koala
Red-necked Wallaby (juvenile) armadeus.4 2 3 Red-necked Wallaby (juvenile)
White-bellied Slender Opossum Tukup 13 4 White-bellied Slender Opossum
Mouse Opossum Tukup 8 5 Mouse Opossum
Anderson's Four-eyed Opossum Tukup 1 0 Anderson's Four-eyed Opossum
Brown Four-eyed Opossum Tukup 1 0 Brown Four-eyed Opossum
Red-necked Wallaby (juvenile) Neil Ross 7 2 Red-necked Wallaby (juvenile)
Wilkins Rock Wallaby triggsturner 19 27 Wilkins Rock Wallaby
Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby Neil Ross 9 9 Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby
Yellow-footed Antechinus (deceased male) Neil Ross 4 2 Yellow-footed Antechinus (deceased male)
Yellow-footed Antechinus Neil Ross 25 26 Yellow-footed Antechinus
Koala (skull) Neil Ross 15 30 Koala (skull)
Python hunting Possum Neil Ross 23 25 Python hunting Possum
Agile Wallaby Yaniv and Sarit Wainer 21 12 Agile Wallaby
Short-eared Rock Wallaby armadeus.4 19 17 Short-eared Rock Wallaby
Eastern short-eared Rock-wallaby MarkBolnik 5 0 Eastern short-eared Rock-wallaby
Common Opossum Muckpuk 5 2 Common Opossum
Agile Wallaby (youngster) armadeus.4 6 3 Agile Wallaby (youngster)
Fat-tailed Dunnart triggsturner 10 5 Fat-tailed Dunnart
Common Ringtail Possum (mobbed by birds) Neil Ross 1 0 Common Ringtail Possum (mobbed by birds)
Zarigüeya- Marmosa Robinson EstebanJaramillo55 12 11 Zarigüeya- Marmosa  Robinson
Euro (female with joey) armadeus.4 1 0 Euro (female with joey)
Red-legged Pademelon rachele.s.w 1 1 Red-legged Pademelon
Black-footed Rock-wallaby armadeus.4 11 2 Black-footed Rock-wallaby
Red-necked Wallaby armadeus.4 3 1 Red-necked Wallaby
Eastern Grey Kangaroos (juvenile joeys) Neil Ross 7 0 Eastern Grey Kangaroos (juvenile joeys)
Eastern Grey Kangaroo oznaturepix 3 0 Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Brushtail Possum oznaturepix 2 0 Brushtail Possum
Common Brushtail Possum ShannaB 1 0 Common Brushtail Possum
Virginia Opossum pippinincarnate68 2 0 Virginia Opossum
Virginia Opossum pippinincarnate68 1 0 Virginia Opossum
Sulawesi bear cuscus MarkBolnik 5 3 Sulawesi bear cuscus
Opossum joanbstanley 3 0 Opossum
Agile Wallaby LeanneGardner 8 3 Agile Wallaby
Eastern Grey Kangaroo LeanneGardner 13 3 Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Northern Quoll armadeus.4 39 42 Northern Quoll
Western grey kangaroos JasmineJ 1 0 Western grey kangaroos
Koala camtur 5 0 Koala
Koala Christiane 1 0 Koala
Common opossum FredericoMartins 4 1 Common opossum
Tasmanian Pademelon CharliePrice 27 21 Tasmanian Pademelon
Lair of Eastern Grey Kangaroos Neil Ross 0 2 Lair of Eastern Grey Kangaroos
Long-furred woolly mouse opossum FredericoMartins 4 0 Long-furred woolly mouse opossum
Red-necked Wallaby camtur 8 0 Red-necked Wallaby
Eastern Grey Kangaroo (juvenile female) Neil Ross 6 1 Eastern Grey Kangaroo (juvenile female)
Eastern Grey Kangaroo Neil Ross 3 0 Eastern Grey Kangaroo

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Daniel R Hughes LouiseDocker SooJin Daniel Oliveira
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