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Critters of the Midwest

Critters of the Midwest

Please document the diversity in critters that you find within your area including bugs and animals that live within the Midwest. Sign in to join mission

Critters of the Midwest
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Website 423 participants 3,144 spottings

This mission documents all the critters of the Midwest (includes both insects and animals).

Critters of the Midwest

Lat: 41.98 Long: -91.67

Recent Spottings

Japanese Beetle Tukup 2 2 Japanese Beetle
House Finches ♂♀ Tukup 5 2 House Finches ♂♀
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Watson5 3 2 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Whitetail Deer mbrandel13 1 0 Whitetail Deer
Fall Webworm Larvae Tukup 4 3 Fall Webworm Larvae
Leaf-footed Bug (Nymph) Tukup 5 0 Leaf-footed Bug (Nymph)
Viceroy Butterfly Tukup 5 0 Viceroy Butterfly
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Tukup 1 0 Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
Fox Squirrel Tukup 2 0 Fox Squirrel
Cope's Gray Treefrog Tukup 2 0 Cope's Gray Treefrog
Eastern Fox Squirrel Tukup 6 0 Eastern Fox Squirrel
American Bullfrog (Male) Tukup 1 0 American Bullfrog (Male)
American Bullfrog (Female) Tukup 1 0 American Bullfrog (Female)
Northern Lined Snake Tukup 3 2 Northern Lined Snake
Striped Gopher Tukup 2 0 Striped Gopher
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Tukup 1 0 Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
Common Snapping Turtle Tukup 3 0 Common Snapping Turtle
Eastern Garter Snake Tukup 1 0 Eastern Garter Snake
Fowler's Toad MelindaKiser 2 0 Fowler's Toad
Gray Tree Frog MelindaKiser 3 0 Gray Tree Frog
Wild Turkey MelindaKiser 9 4 Wild Turkey
Spotting Veronica13 1 1 Spotting
Black Onion Fly (mating pair) MelindaKiser 1 0 Black Onion Fly (mating pair)
Rosy Maple Moth MelindaKiser 2 0 Rosy Maple Moth
Alien Probole MelindaKiser 1 0 Alien Probole
Blue Mud Dauber MelindaKiser 1 0 Blue Mud Dauber
Scarlet Sheetweaver MelindaKiser 1 0 Scarlet Sheetweaver
Mustard white butterfly Brett 1 0 Mustard white butterfly
Bison dung beetle Brett 1 0 Bison dung beetle
Promethea Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Promethea Moth
Coal Skink jdbco2001 3 2 Coal Skink
The sweetheart Brett 2 1 The sweetheart
Bird-dropping moth Brett 2 1 Bird-dropping moth
Large Lace-border - Hodges#7159 beaker98 1 1 Large Lace-border - Hodges#7159
Chalcid Wasp beaker98 1 0 Chalcid Wasp
Arrowshaped Micrathena MelindaKiser 3 0 Arrowshaped Micrathena
Speckled Kingsnake Entropy freak 1 0 Speckled Kingsnake
Gray's Treefrog MelindaKiser 4 1 Gray's Treefrog
Oak Slug Caterpillar MelindaKiser 4 1 Oak Slug Caterpillar
Eye spotted lady beetle Brett 5 1 Eye spotted lady beetle
Carolina Mantis Student 0 2 Carolina Mantis
Spotting MelindaKiser 1 1 Spotting
Honey Locust Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Honey Locust Moth
Keeled Treehopper MelindaKiser 2 0 Keeled Treehopper
Black Squash Bug MelindaKiser 2 0 Black Squash Bug
Ambush Bug MelindaKiser 2 0 Ambush Bug
Partridge Bug MelindaKiser 1 0 Partridge Bug
Gray's Tree Frog juvenile MelindaKiser 1 2 Gray's Tree Frog juvenile
Parenthesis Lady Beetle MelindaKiser 2 0 Parenthesis Lady Beetle
Spotting MelindaKiser 3 0 Spotting

Recently joined

Watson5 mbrandel13 Tukup Veronica13
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HayesBiology Tricyrtis Clubpenguin2.0 MelissaKappus
AnnaleeHodges Joseph R. Godreau BrianPa PinguAndNature
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