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Biodiversity of SouthEastern US

Biodiversity of SouthEastern US

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Biodiversity of SouthEastern US
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Biodiversity of Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky & the Carolinas.

Biodiversity of SouthEastern US

Lat: 33.95 Long: -83.38

Recent Spottings

Seal Salamander LisaPowers 16 7 Seal Salamander
Yellow Spotted Salamander LisaPowers 5 1 Yellow Spotted Salamander
Wood Frog LisaPowers 8 7 Wood Frog
Loggerhead Sea Turtle robert emond 2 0 Loggerhead Sea Turtle
American Bullfrog robert emond 2 0 American Bullfrog
Red Trillium marylou.wildlife 4 1 Red Trillium
Vasevine marylou.wildlife 1 0 Vasevine
Adam and Eve Orchid marylou.wildlife 1 0 Adam and Eve Orchid
No Common Name LisaPowers 1 0 No Common Name
Eastern Narrowmouth Toad robert emond 7 0 Eastern Narrowmouth Toad
American Green Tree Frog robert emond 3 3 American Green Tree Frog
American Toad robert emond 4 1 American Toad
Gopher Tortoise robert emond 2 0 Gopher Tortoise
American Alligator robert emond 1 0 American Alligator
Florida Softshell Turtle robert emond 1 0 Florida Softshell Turtle
Raccoon robert emond 3 0 Raccoon
Carolina Diamondbacked Terrapin robert emond 4 0 Carolina Diamondbacked Terrapin
Southern Flying Squirrel robert emond 1 0 Southern Flying Squirrel
Eastern Lubber Grasshopper robert emond 1 0 Eastern Lubber Grasshopper
Lantana robert emond 1 1 Lantana
Halloween pennant robert emond 1 0 Halloween pennant
Six-lined Racerunner robert emond 1 0 Six-lined Racerunner
Bobcat robert emond 9 6 Bobcat
Black-necked Stilt robert emond 1 0 Black-necked Stilt
Broad-headed Skink robert emond 2 0 Broad-headed Skink
Eastern Towhee robert emond 2 0 Eastern Towhee
Pine Warbler robert emond 1 0 Pine Warbler
Fox Squirrel robert emond 6 1 Fox Squirrel
Blue Bottle robert emond 1 1 Blue Bottle
Eight-spotted Forester robert emond 4 2 Eight-spotted Forester
Giant chickweed GraceWhite 1 3 Giant chickweed
Showy orchis larkinpb 2 0 Showy orchis
Arabesque Orbweaver LisaPowers 3 0 Arabesque Orbweaver
Flat-backed Millipede LisaPowers 4 1 Flat-backed Millipede
Mantidfly LisaPowers 2 0 Mantidfly
Orb Weaver LisaPowers 1 0 Orb Weaver
southern black widow GraceWhite 3 5 southern black widow
Blackbelly Salamander LisaPowers 3 2 Blackbelly Salamander
Black racer, juvenile GraceWhite 1 1 Black racer, juvenile
Column Stinkhorn jodydf 2 3 Column Stinkhorn
Jagged ambush bug GraceWhite 5 2 Jagged ambush bug
Turkey vulture LisaPowers 1 1 Turkey vulture
Green lynx spider GraceWhite 1 0 Green lynx spider
woodlice exoskeleton larkinpb 2 0 woodlice exoskeleton
Clematis seeds GraceWhite 1 2 Clematis seeds
Syrphid Fly LisaPowers 8 0 Syrphid Fly
Least Skipper LisaPowers 3 0 Least Skipper
American White Pelican LisaPowers 1 1 American White Pelican
Unknown spotting GraceWhite 1 0 Unknown spotting
Eastern Gray Squirrel LisaPowers 7 0 Eastern Gray Squirrel

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