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Birds of South India

Birds of South India

The aim of this mission is to focus on the photographic side of birding and to identify the different types of birds that includes the common varieties and the rare types of birds found in the region of South India . If you are intrested in the sphere of introduction of bird watching kindly post your photos in this mission . Each photo should include a caption that highlight bird's most prominent features or description of colour of their feathers which can help us to identify one group of birds from another . Sign in to join mission

Birds of South India
Created by

Ashok N Pulliyerengi

38 participants 422 spottings

Birds are fabulous species with the same diversity as every other congeal of creatures on this earth .With an abundance of over 500 species of birds, South India becoming favorite birding destination among birders and nature lovers.

Birds of South India

Lat: 13.06 Long: 80.25

Recent Spottings

white-throated kingfisher Sushil Thomas David 1 1 white-throated kingfisher
House crow (Corvus splendens) / காக்கா (kakka) Arun 2 1 House crow (Corvus splendens) / காக்கா (kakka)
Indian roller / பனங்காடை (panangadai) Arun 2 0 Indian roller / பனங்காடை (panangadai)
white-cheeked barbet Sushil Thomas David 0 1 white-cheeked barbet
Spotting Sushil Thomas David 1 0 Spotting
Oriental Scops Owl Vipul Ramanuj 13 2 Oriental Scops Owl
Woodpecker Pradeep Kumar 3 1 Woodpecker
Common Kingfisher pamsai 2 0 Common Kingfisher
Spotted Owlet pamsai 2 0 Spotted Owlet
Asian Koel ( female ) pamsai 3 2 Asian Koel ( female )
Rose-ringed Parakeet pamsai 2 1 Rose-ringed Parakeet
Pied Bush Chat (female) pamsai 2 1 Pied Bush Chat (female)
Common Kingfisher pamsai 2 2 Common Kingfisher
Lesser Cormorant KarthikAk 1 0 Lesser Cormorant
Hoopoe Deepti S 4 2 Hoopoe
Pearl-Necked Dove Deepti S 1 0 Pearl-Necked Dove
Spotting Sushil Thomas 4 1 Spotting
Ashy wood swallow KarthikAk 4 1 Ashy wood swallow
Baya Weaver Deepti S 4 0 Baya Weaver
Bishop Stork Deepti S 2 0 Bishop Stork
Coppersmith Barbet Deepti S 10 2 Coppersmith Barbet
Pied Kingfisher Deepti S 1 0 Pied Kingfisher
Green Bee-Eater Deepti S 1 0 Green Bee-Eater
Rufous-Tailed Lark Deepti S 1 0 Rufous-Tailed Lark
White-Spotted Fantail Deepti S 3 0 White-Spotted Fantail
Indian Grey Hornbill Deepti S 1 0 Indian Grey Hornbill
Common Kingfisher Deepti S 10 2 Common Kingfisher
White Wagtail Deepti S 3 0 White Wagtail
House Sparrow Deepti S 2 0 House Sparrow
Asian Openbill Stork Deepti S 1 0 Asian Openbill Stork
Black-Winged Kite Deepti S 12 4 Black-Winged Kite
Little Cormorant Deepti S 5 0 Little Cormorant
Spot-Billed Duck Deepti S 3 0 Spot-Billed Duck
Ashy Prinia Deepti S 1 1 Ashy Prinia
Large Grey Babbler Deepti S 1 0 Large Grey Babbler
Yellow-wattled Lapwing Deepti S 1 0 Yellow-wattled Lapwing
Cattle Egret Deepti S 1 1 Cattle Egret
Long-tailed Shrike Deepti S 2 2 Long-tailed Shrike
Cinereous Tit Deepti S 2 0 Cinereous Tit
The jungle babbler Pradeep Kumar 7 0 The jungle babbler
Pied Bush Chat Deepti S 1 0 Pied Bush Chat
Purple-rumped Sunbird Deepti S 2 0 Purple-rumped Sunbird
Common Tailorbird pamsai 5 10 Common Tailorbird
White-throated Kingfisher Deepti S 4 0 White-throated Kingfisher
Green bee-eater Deepti S 1 0 Green bee-eater
The Asian koel(female) Pradeep Kumar 10 8 The Asian koel(female)
Indian Robin krishanu.seal 1 0 Indian Robin
Rufous tree pie krishanu.seal 1 0 Rufous tree pie
Indian Pond Heron Deepti S 2 1 Indian Pond Heron
Common Kingfisher Deepti S 2 1 Common Kingfisher

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