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Animals of North Carolina

Animals of North Carolina

Please submit photographs, along with brief descriptions, of any animals you encounter in our fine state. Descriptions that include habitats and location in North Carolina would be especially helpful. Sign in to join mission

Animals of North Carolina
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201 participants 3,533 spottings

Our mission is build a photo library of animals living in their natural environment in North Carolina so that students in our state have a resource to use in their studies.

Animals of North Carolina

Lat: 35.77 Long: -78.64

Recent Spottings

Moth Maria dB 0 2 Moth
Barred Owl heather3 3 0 Barred Owl
Bald Eagle heather3 2 2 Bald Eagle
Osprey heatheranne 1 0 Osprey
Tufted titmouse Maria dB 10 8 Tufted titmouse
Canada goose hybrid Maria dB 3 0 Canada goose hybrid
Red Wolf LauraLOVESbirds 1 0 Red Wolf
Red-shouldered hawk Maria dB 8 7 Red-shouldered hawk
Double-crested cormorant Maria dB 0 2 Double-crested cormorant
Barred owl Maria dB 15 13 Barred owl
American toad audubonchic 2 0 American toad
Reg-legged salamander audubonchic 2 0 Reg-legged salamander
Barred owl Maria dB 7 1 Barred owl
Eastern box turtle audubonchic 1 0 Eastern box turtle
Hybrid salamander audubonchic 1 0 Hybrid salamander
Barred owl Maria dB 24 13 Barred owl
Eastern bluebirds Maria dB 1 0 Eastern bluebirds
Ruby-crowned kinglet Maria dB 1 0 Ruby-crowned kinglet
Ruby-crowned kinglet Maria dB 2 0 Ruby-crowned kinglet
American mink Maria dB 4 5 American mink
Cedar waxwing Maria dB 6 2 Cedar waxwing
Virginia Opposum Charlotte.Fletcher 1 0 Virginia Opposum
Barred owl Maria dB 14 4 Barred owl
Barred owl Maria dB 15 9 Barred owl
southern black widow GraceWhite 3 5 southern black widow
White-tailed deer Maria dB 11 8 White-tailed deer
Common buckeye butterfly Maria dB 3 0 Common buckeye butterfly
Osprey Maria dB 4 1 Osprey
Yellow-bellied sapsucker Maria dB 1 0 Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Banded tussock moth Maria dB 4 3 Banded tussock moth
Black racer, juvenile GraceWhite 1 1 Black racer, juvenile
Nursery web spider Maria dB 3 0 Nursery web spider
Red-backed Salamander JenKnight 2 0 Red-backed Salamander
Jagged ambush bug GraceWhite 5 2 Jagged ambush bug
Green lynx spider GraceWhite 1 0 Green lynx spider
Downy woodpecker Maria dB 1 0 Downy woodpecker
Black-bordered lemon moth Maria dB 1 2 Black-bordered lemon moth
Dark-banded Geometer ceherzog 3 1 Dark-banded Geometer
Bush katydid nymph Maria dB 1 0 Bush katydid nymph
Large Paectes moth Maria dB 1 0 Large Paectes moth
Imperial Moths ceherzog 5 1 Imperial Moths
Ash Spinx ceherzog 1 1 Ash Spinx
Spotted Datana ceherzog 1 1 Spotted Datana
Rosy Maple Moth ceherzog 3 0 Rosy Maple Moth
Luna Moth ceherzog 1 0 Luna Moth
Spotting GraceWhite 1 0 Spotting
oleander aphid, milkweed aphid GraceWhite 1 4 oleander aphid, milkweed aphid
Spotting chuck.replogle 1 0 Spotting
Eastern eyed click beetle GraceWhite 3 1 Eastern eyed click beetle
sweat bee, metallic green bee GraceWhite 1 0 sweat bee, metallic green bee

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