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Wilds of South-East Queensland

Wilds of South-East Queensland

Photos of all types of wildlife (plants, fungi, animals) found in the SE QLD region are accepted. Please tag the area where the image was taken as well as the date. Sign in to join mission

Wilds of South-East Queensland
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55 participants 1,518 spottings

To document the vast array of flora and fauna found throughout SE Queensland.

Wilds of South-East Queensland

Lat: -27.46 Long: 153.01

Recent Spottings

Eastern Water Dragon Neil Ross 8 2 Eastern Water Dragon
Rough Saw-sedge Neil Ross 1 0 Rough Saw-sedge
Grey Gums (shedding) Neil Ross 1 0 Grey Gums (shedding)
Barbed Wire Vine Neil Ross 1 0 Barbed Wire Vine
Tallowwood Neil Ross 2 0 Tallowwood
Australian Tiger (male) Neil Ross 2 0 Australian Tiger (male)
Koala Neil Ross 22 41 Koala
Spotted Gum Neil Ross 4 4 Spotted Gum
Koala (male) Neil Ross 4 2 Koala (male)
Finch Single D 1 0 Finch
Welcome Swallow (fledglings) Neil Ross 8 2 Welcome Swallow (fledglings)
Rough-barked Apple Neil Ross 4 5 Rough-barked Apple
Welcome Swallow (chicks with adult) Neil Ross 7 4 Welcome Swallow (chicks with adult)
Speckled Longfin Eel Neil Ross 6 5 Speckled Longfin Eel
Shining Bronze-Cuckoo Single D 3 1 Shining Bronze-Cuckoo
Northern/Queensland Koala Single D 2 1 Northern/Queensland Koala
Brisbane Short-necked Turtle Neil Ross 7 0 Brisbane Short-necked Turtle
Mountain Orange Gum Neil Ross 2 0 Mountain Orange Gum
Freshwater Green Algae Neil Ross 3 0 Freshwater Green Algae
Bracken Neil Ross 1 0 Bracken
New England Banksia (burnt seed pods) Neil Ross 3 0 New England Banksia (burnt seed pods)
Spotting Neil Ross 1 0 Spotting
Plum-headed finch Single D 4 2 Plum-headed finch
Peregrine falcon Single D 1 1 Peregrine falcon
Apiomorpha rosaeformis (scale insect gall) Neil Ross 10 26 Apiomorpha rosaeformis (scale insect gall)
Bramble Sawfly larvae Neil Ross 1 0 Bramble Sawfly larvae
Johnson's Grass Tree (in flower) Neil Ross 2 0 Johnson's Grass Tree (in flower)
Hakea sp. (seed pods) Neil Ross 6 15 Hakea sp. (seed pods)
Zebra Finch Single D 4 5 Zebra Finch
White Mahogany (stringybark) Neil Ross 1 0 White Mahogany (stringybark)
Drosera Sundew (carnivorous plant) Neil Ross 8 0 Drosera Sundew (carnivorous plant)
Superb Lyrebird (female) Neil Ross 2 4 Superb Lyrebird (female)
She-oak (seed pods) Neil Ross 2 2 She-oak (seed pods)
Southern Bracket Neil Ross 2 0 Southern Bracket
Koala Neil Ross 0 1 Koala
Red-browed Finch Single D 7 1 Red-browed Finch
Blue Water Lily Neil Ross 3 0 Blue Water Lily
False Turkey Tails Neil Ross 3 0 False Turkey Tails
Striped Cucumber Neil Ross 5 0 Striped Cucumber
Pandorea sp. climbing vine Neil Ross 1 0 Pandorea sp. climbing vine
Blady Grass Neil Ross 2 0 Blady Grass
Nest of Olive-backed Oriole Neil Ross 2 0 Nest of Olive-backed Oriole
Whiptail Wallaby Neil Ross 6 0 Whiptail Wallaby
Eastern Water Dragon (juvenile male) Neil Ross 9 4 Eastern Water Dragon (juvenile male)
Koala Single D 6 4 Koala
Old Forest Red Gum (c.1550) Neil Ross 1 0 Old Forest Red Gum (c.1550)
Swamp Tea-tree (forest) Neil Ross 4 0 Swamp Tea-tree (forest)
Lianas Neil Ross 3 9 Lianas
Crustose sp. lichen Neil Ross 4 0 Crustose sp. lichen
Broad-leaved White Mahogany (stringybark) Neil Ross 3 0 Broad-leaved White Mahogany (stringybark)

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