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Wilds of South-East Queensland

Wilds of South-East Queensland

Photos of all types of wildlife (plants, fungi, animals) found in the SE QLD region are accepted. Please tag the area where the image was taken as well as the date. Sign in to join mission

Wilds of South-East Queensland
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55 participants 1,621 spottings

To document the vast array of flora and fauna found throughout SE Queensland.

Wilds of South-East Queensland

Lat: -27.46 Long: 153.01

Recent Spottings

Pied Butcherbird (Imature) Single D 7 0 Pied Butcherbird (Imature)
Centrolepis sp. Neil Ross 5 0 Centrolepis sp.
Tenterfield Woollybutt (bushfire recovery) Neil Ross 1 0 Tenterfield Woollybutt (bushfire recovery)
Snowbush Neil Ross 2 2 Snowbush
Lightning strike on Eucalyptus Tree Neil Ross 9 9 Lightning strike on Eucalyptus Tree
Australian king parrot Single D 1 0 Australian king parrot
Black Cypress Pine (cones) Neil Ross 6 0 Black Cypress Pine (cones)
Mt. Maroon Nightshade Neil Ross 7 4 Mt. Maroon Nightshade
Purpletop Vervain Neil Ross 2 4 Purpletop Vervain
Horsehoof Fungus Neil Ross 1 0 Horsehoof Fungus
Blakely's Red Gum Neil Ross 1 0 Blakely's Red Gum
Pomax (fruiting) Neil Ross 10 8 Pomax (fruiting)
Rose Robin, Male Single D 1 0 Rose Robin, Male
Horned Sedge Neil Ross 3 2 Horned Sedge
Golden Everlasting (seeding) Neil Ross 1 2 Golden Everlasting (seeding)
White Punk Neil Ross 1 0 White Punk
Bloodroot Lily Neil Ross 1 0 Bloodroot Lily
Northern/Queensland Koala Single D 13 6 Northern/Queensland Koala
Pied Currawong Neil Ross 6 5 Pied Currawong
Masked Lapwing Neil Ross 4 0 Masked Lapwing
Pale-headed Rosella Single D 12 4 Pale-headed Rosella
Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Neil Ross 8 9 Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Grey Butcherbird (adult) Neil Ross 6 6 Grey Butcherbird (adult)
Noisy Miners (fledged siblings) Neil Ross 9 9 Noisy Miners (fledged siblings)
Narrow-leaved Scribbly Gum Neil Ross 3 2 Narrow-leaved Scribbly Gum
Australian king parrot Single D 1 0 Australian king parrot
Goanna (Lace Monitor) Neil Ross 9 8 Goanna (Lace Monitor)
Northern Grey Ironbark Neil Ross 3 2 Northern Grey Ironbark
Pale-headed Rosella; Australian King Parrot; Figbird Single D 2 0 Pale-headed Rosella; Australian King Parrot; Figbird
Regent Bowerbird Single D 1 1 Regent Bowerbird
Small-eyed Box-owlet Neil Ross 4 0 Small-eyed Box-owlet
Banded Ichneumon Wasp Neil Ross 6 6 Banded Ichneumon Wasp
Wild Iris (fruiting) Neil Ross 2 0 Wild Iris (fruiting)
Horsehoof Fungus (post bushfire) Neil Ross 4 2 Horsehoof Fungus (post bushfire)
Common Assassin Bug Neil Ross 5 2 Common Assassin Bug
Dark-footed Tinypore Neil Ross 5 0 Dark-footed Tinypore
Common Fieldcap Neil Ross 3 0 Common Fieldcap
Johnson's Grass Tree (bushfire recovery) Neil Ross 6 4 Johnson's Grass Tree (bushfire recovery)
Nodding Club-rush (flowering) Neil Ross 1 0 Nodding Club-rush (flowering)
Common Koel Single D 2 0 Common Koel
Eastern Double Drummer (exuviae) Neil Ross 2 0 Eastern Double Drummer (exuviae)
Eucalyptus tree (bushfire recovery) Neil Ross 4 2 Eucalyptus tree (bushfire recovery)
Resin Mason Wasp Neil Ross 1 2 Resin Mason Wasp
Leathery Earthfan Neil Ross 8 5 Leathery Earthfan
Yellow Buttons Neil Ross 1 0 Yellow Buttons
Common Paper Wasp Neil Ross 5 4 Common Paper Wasp
Grisette Neil Ross 4 0 Grisette
Tree Trigger-plant Neil Ross 1 0 Tree Trigger-plant
Tall Lobelia Neil Ross 1 0 Tall Lobelia
Conesticks (bushfire recovery) Neil Ross 1 0 Conesticks (bushfire recovery)

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