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0 0 Asparagus / Šparuga

Asparagus / Šparuga

by injicaCroatia

Meadows (Adriatic

0 0 Beadlet anemone

Beadlet anemone

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Here seen during the low tide and all tentacles are retracted. In this stage, ...

0 0 Maiden Pink

Maiden Pink

by Zlatan CelebicRepublika Srpska / Република Српска, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lawn in a town park, mediterranean.

1 0 Greenfinch


by Zlatan CelebicTrebinje, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sparrow sized finch, with greenish appearance.

0 0 Rock Samphire

Rock Samphire

by Ava T-B

This is an edible succulent that grows from England to the Mediterranean along ...

6 2 Woodlice


by injicaCroatia

Pm the notorth part of Adriatic

2 0 Southern Skimmer

Southern Skimmer

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

This member of skimmer family, Libellulidae, is present from North Africa to ...

2 0 Sea snail

Sea snail

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Small snail like creature. Shell about 2 cm long, patterned white, brown and ...

0 0 European flat oyster / Oštriga / Kamenica

European flat oyster / Oštriga / Kamenica

by injicaCroatia

When mature, adults range from 3.8 - 11 cm across.

2 0 Mediterranean house gecko

Mediterranean house gecko

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

A small translucent gecko, very common to

1 1 Egyptian locust

Egyptian locust

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Quite large and impressive locust, one of the largest european species; with ...

1 5 Spurge / Glavičasta mlječika

Spurge / Glavičasta mlječika

by injicaCroatia

Mat forming species. Composed of gray, fleshy leaves; orange-red flowers. This ...

0 0 Glavičasta mlječika

Glavičasta mlječika

by JopyCroatia

Euphorba capitulata is an evergreen, perennial, herbaceous plant that reaches a ...

0 0 Variable Risso

Variable Risso

by injicaCroatia

It is a species of minute sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk or micromollusk ...

1 0 Millipede


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Approx 10 - 12 cm in length. Two pairs pf legs per segment. Shiny ...

1 1 Lichen


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

This organism appeared as squamulose lichen, showing tightly clustered ...

0 0 Barn swallow

Barn swallow

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Well known and probably the most widespread swallow in the world. Black with ...

5 1 Maritime Sunburst lichen

Maritime Sunburst lichen

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

A foliose lichen of pale green-yellowish-orange color, forming circular plaques ...

0 0 Carpenter bee

Carpenter bee

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

A large and impressive bee, rather big insect belonging to the sub-family ...

0 0 Shield Bug

Shield Bug

by Zlatan CelebicRepublika Srpska / Република Српска, Bosnia and Herzegovina

All brown shield-bug, speckled orange. About 18 mm in length, a bit shy of 10 ...

0 0 Little Grebe

Little Grebe

by Zlatan CelebicRepublika Srpska / Република Српска, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Small waterbird, at about 25 cm in length, this is the smallest european member ...

0 0 Black sea Urchin

Black sea Urchin

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Medium sized mainly black sea urchin. Hemispherical in shape, about 10 cm in ...

2 0 Broad-clawed Porcelain Crab

Broad-clawed Porcelain Crab

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

An extremelly flattened small crab belonging to family Porcellanidae. It has ...

5 0 Red-backed Shrike

Red-backed Shrike

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

The Red-backed Shrike, nicknamed "Butcher bird" is a carnivorous passerine bird ...

2 0 Sea Cucumber/ Morski krastavac

Sea Cucumber/ Morski krastavac

by injicaCroatia

Quite common but in this area it was the only one I have found from the

1 0 Long-legged Centipede

Long-legged Centipede

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Distinctive centipede, from the family Scutigeridae, with long and narrow body ...

2 0 Common Octopus

Common Octopus

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

It appeared to measure some 15 cm from eyes to the tip of the mantle. It was ...

3 2 Scarlet dragonfly

Scarlet dragonfly

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Crocothemis erythraea is a species of dragonfly belonging to darter family ...

0 0 Orb-weaver Spider

Orb-weaver Spider

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Female (photographed) is large and spectacular. About 2,5 cm in body length ...

0 0 Great Reed Warbler

Great Reed Warbler

by Zlatan CelebicTrebinje, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Large warbler, almost thrush sized, earth-brown above and cream-whitish bellow, ...

2 0 Sharp-snouted rock lizard

Sharp-snouted rock lizard

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Formerly known as Lacerta oxycephala, this is a small, slender bodied and ...

1 0 Marbled Rock Crab / Šuša

Marbled Rock Crab / Šuša

by injicaCroatia

It is dark violet brown, with yellow marbling, and with a body up to 36 mm ...

1 0 Barrel Jellyfish / Morska pluća

Barrel Jellyfish / Morska pluća

by injicaCroatia

It typically is up to 40 cm (16 in) in diameter, but can exceptionally reach 90 ...

3 4 Dalmatian wall lizard, krška gušterica

Dalmatian wall lizard, krška gušterica

by JopyCroatia

Common size is up to 6.5 cm from the tip of the nose to the cloaca, but are ...

2 0 Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

This species, belonging to the family Sphingidae, has a wingspan of some 4 to 5 ...

2 0 Orb-weaver Spider

Orb-weaver Spider

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

The female of this species (photographed) is large, spectacular and scary ...

3 0 Eurasian Jay

Eurasian Jay

by Zlatan CelebicRepublika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Beautiful brown corvid, size of pigeon, with azure blue wing panels and ...

0 0 Sea sponge / Morska spužva

Sea sponge / Morska spužva

by injicaCroatia

Chondrilla nucula is a sea sponge belonging to the Phylum Porifera. It is an ...

0 0 Annular Seabream / Špar

Annular Seabream / Špar

by injicaPula, Croatia

Mature exemplars reach the dimensions between 8 - 19.6 cm long and live till ...

12 8 Sea anemone-red / Crvena moruzgva

Sea anemone-red / Crvena moruzgva

by injicaCroatia

Coelenterata, Cnidaria are a group of marine animals which are resembling a ...

0 0 Adriatic Spurge / Jadranska mlječika

Adriatic Spurge / Jadranska mlječika

by injicaCroatia

Euphorbia can be annuals, perennials, shrubs or succulents, with milky sap and ...

0 0 Blue mussel / Pedoči / Dagnje

Blue mussel / Pedoči / Dagnje

by injicaCroatia

edulis complex. Collectively they occupy both

0 0 Sea lettuces / Morska salata

Sea lettuces / Morska salata

by injicaCroatia

Green transparent leafs resembles green salad and it gets its Latin name ...

2 4 Sea Lavender / Rešetkasta mrižica

Sea Lavender / Rešetkasta mrižica

by injicaPula, Croatia

It is a perennial plant that has erect stems about 10 -18 cm high, protruding ...

7 0 Katydid or Bush cricket

Katydid or Bush cricket

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Eupholidoptera chabrieri is a species of katydids or bush-cricket in the family ...

2 6 Unknown Keelworm

Unknown Keelworm

by KilouekaAvalon, California, USA

This is my 1000th spotting! Yay! ...

0 0 Red-backed shrike

Red-backed shrike

by Zlatan CelebicPlat, Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija, Croatia

The red-backed shrike is a carnivorous passerine bird and member of the shrike ...

0 0 Agave


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Agaves are succulent plants forming a large rosette of thick and fleshy leaves, ...

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