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Entomologica of Queensland

Entomologica of Queensland

Please label your spotting with the location and date spotted, and scientific name if you know it. *Edited by Project Noah management team to comply with user-created mission rules. Sign in to join mission

Entomologica of Queensland
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13 participants 163 spottings

Documenting the weird, wonderful world of insects - their life stages, their defences, their colours and their homes

Entomologica of Queensland

Lat: -23.38 Long: 144.67

Recent Spottings

Large Brown Mantid (female) Neil Ross 3 8 Large Brown Mantid (female)
Small-eyed Box-owlet Neil Ross 4 0 Small-eyed Box-owlet
Banded Ichneumon Wasp Neil Ross 6 6 Banded Ichneumon Wasp
Cleora Looper Moth Neil Ross 2 2 Cleora Looper Moth
Chalcopterus Beetle (True Darkling Beetle) Neil Ross 20 23 Chalcopterus Beetle (True Darkling Beetle)
Common Assassin Bug Neil Ross 5 2 Common Assassin Bug
Eastern Double Drummer (exuviae) Neil Ross 2 0 Eastern Double Drummer (exuviae)
Resin Mason Wasp Neil Ross 1 2 Resin Mason Wasp
Common Paper Wasp Neil Ross 5 4 Common Paper Wasp
White Banded Noctuid Moth Neil Ross 9 8 White Banded Noctuid Moth
Hoverfly Neil Ross 1 0 Hoverfly
Floury Baker Neil Ross 8 9 Floury Baker
Australian Tiger (male) Neil Ross 3 0 Australian Tiger (male)
Wattle Goat Moth Neil Ross 0 6 Wattle Goat Moth
Bramble Sawfly larvae Neil Ross 1 0 Bramble Sawfly larvae
Sugarbag Bees Neil Ross 3 0 Sugarbag Bees
Paper wasp brainpunk 2 0 Paper wasp
Common Paper Wasp (and nest) Neil Ross 1 0 Common Paper Wasp (and nest)
Emerald Moth Neil Ross 2 0 Emerald Moth
Celtis Leaf Beetle Neil Ross 4 0 Celtis Leaf Beetle
Black House Ants naross 0 2 Black House Ants
Yellow Brown Paper Wasp (and nest) Neil Ross 3 0 Yellow Brown Paper Wasp (and nest)
Marbled Xenica Neil Ross 1 0 Marbled Xenica
Giant Grasshopper naross 1 0 Giant Grasshopper
Eucalyptus Tip-wilter Bug (male) Neil Ross 3 0 Eucalyptus Tip-wilter Bug (male)
Mallotus Harlequin Bug Neil Ross 15 15 Mallotus Harlequin Bug
Water Prince Neil Ross 4 0 Water Prince
Rhinoceros Beetle (female) Neil Ross 5 2 Rhinoceros Beetle (female)
Glasswing Butterfly Neil Ross 1 0 Glasswing Butterfly
Black Jezabel Neil Ross 4 1 Black Jezabel
Lily Caterpillar Moth Neil Ross 5 2 Lily Caterpillar Moth
Magpie Moth Neil Ross 2 0 Magpie Moth
Giant Mealy Bug Neil Ross 16 16 Giant Mealy Bug
Orange Threadtail Neil Ross 2 3 Orange Threadtail
Monarch (aka Wanderer) Neil Ross 1 0 Monarch (aka Wanderer)
Golden Silk Orb-weaver (hatchlings) Neil Ross 3 2 Golden Silk Orb-weaver (hatchlings)
Granny's Cloak Moth Neil Ross 1 0 Granny's Cloak Moth
American Cockroach (on spider egg-sac) Neil Ross 1 0 American Cockroach (on spider egg-sac)
Bush Tick (female) Neil Ross 7 21 Bush Tick (female)
Tussock Moth Caterpillar (sp. unk) Neil Ross 1 2 Tussock Moth Caterpillar (sp. unk)
Sugarbag Bees Neil Ross 6 0 Sugarbag Bees
Tessellated Stick Insect (male) Neil Ross 2 0 Tessellated Stick Insect (male)
Yellowbelly Neil Ross 1 0 Yellowbelly
Tessellated Stick Insect (female) Neil Ross 11 8 Tessellated Stick Insect (female)
Common Eggfly (male) Neil Ross 1 0 Common Eggfly (male)
Convolvulvus Hawk-moth Neil Ross 3 0 Convolvulvus Hawk-moth
Painted Pine Moth Caterpillar Neil Ross 12 3 Painted Pine Moth Caterpillar
Great Eggfly Caterpillar Neil Ross 6 2 Great Eggfly Caterpillar
Common Australian Crow (caterpillar) Neil Ross 11 14 Common Australian Crow (caterpillar)
Meadow Argus Caterpillar Neil Ross 3 2 Meadow Argus Caterpillar

Recently joined

Ornithoptera80 brainpunk JennytheTurtle Neil Ross
ben130 SethWhiteman Megs18 Asterope
mannakik1970 nathan marks AngeliqueLang-Frey WazDog
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