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Flora & Fauna of New South Wales

Flora & Fauna of New South Wales

To document the flora and fauna of New South Wales Sign in to join mission

Flora & Fauna of New South Wales
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64 participants 2,091 spottings

A mission dedicated to documenting the flora and fauna in New South Wales. Thank you for all the spottings added to the mission!

Flora & Fauna of New South Wales

Lat: -32.42 Long: 149.87

Recent Spottings

Mountain Orange Gum Neil Ross 2 0 Mountain Orange Gum
Red-Crowned Brood Frog xenosctn 24 9 Red-Crowned Brood Frog
Port Jackson Shark Neil Ross 2 0 Port Jackson Shark
Spike Wattle xenosctn 1 0 Spike Wattle
Bracken Neil Ross 1 0 Bracken
Skull of Eastern Grey Kangaroo (joey or juvenile) Neil Ross 4 2 Skull of Eastern Grey Kangaroo (joey or juvenile)
Grey Nurse Shark Neil Ross 11 8 Grey Nurse Shark
Common Lagenophora Neil Ross 1 4 Common Lagenophora
Smudgee Apple Neil Ross 4 0 Smudgee Apple
Stinging Nettle Neil Ross 1 0 Stinging Nettle
Spear Thistle Neil Ross 1 0 Spear Thistle
Red Fox (skull) Neil Ross 2 0 Red Fox (skull)
Mountain Blue Gum Neil Ross 2 0 Mountain Blue Gum
Leaf Curling Spider Neil Ross 8 8 Leaf Curling Spider
Giant Maidenhair Neil Ross 4 0 Giant Maidenhair
Blackbutt Neil Ross 2 2 Blackbutt
Narrow-leaved Palm Lily (fruiting) Neil Ross 2 0 Narrow-leaved Palm Lily (fruiting)
Grey Gum Neil Ross 2 0 Grey Gum
Leopard Ash Neil Ross 1 0 Leopard Ash
Russula lenkunya Neil Ross 3 0 Russula lenkunya
Golden Jelly Fungus, aka Witches' Butter Neil Ross 4 0 Golden Jelly Fungus, aka Witches' Butter
Cunjevoi Lily (fruiting) Neil Ross 23 18 Cunjevoi Lily (fruiting)
Goanna (Lace Monitor) Neil Ross 11 12 Goanna (Lace Monitor)
Shaggy Parasol Neil Ross 1 2 Shaggy Parasol
Mulberry Whelk Neil Ross 9 10 Mulberry Whelk
Broad-leaved Paperbark Neil Ross 17 24 Broad-leaved Paperbark
Orange Rustgill Neil Ross 2 0 Orange Rustgill
Crested Tern (non-breeding plumage) Neil Ross 8 2 Crested Tern (non-breeding plumage)
Scribbly Gum Neil Ross 3 6 Scribbly Gum
Crested Terns (adult with juvenile) Neil Ross 2 0 Crested Terns (adult with juvenile)
Yellowfin Bream Neil Ross 3 0 Yellowfin Bream
Variegated Limpet Neil Ross 8 2 Variegated Limpet
Purple Swift-footed Shore Crab Neil Ross 8 0 Purple Swift-footed Shore Crab
Cunjevoi Neil Ross 5 0 Cunjevoi
Madeira Vine Neil Ross 1 3 Madeira Vine
Rose-coloured Barnacle Neil Ross 3 0 Rose-coloured Barnacle
Sydney Rock Oyster Neil Ross 1 0 Sydney Rock Oyster
Eastern Long-necked Turtle (remains) Neil Ross 1 0 Eastern Long-necked Turtle (remains)
Wallangarra White Gum Neil Ross 2 0 Wallangarra White Gum
Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo JamesPriest2 3 4 Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
Dolly Ants Neil Ross 4 2 Dolly Ants
Red-necked Wallaby (juvenile) Neil Ross 7 2 Red-necked Wallaby (juvenile)
Flannel Flower Neil Ross 20 16 Flannel Flower
Cunningham's Skink Neil Ross 12 12 Cunningham's Skink
Jacky Dragon Neil Ross 7 0 Jacky Dragon
Geebung Neil Ross 3 0 Geebung
Conesticks Neil Ross 1 0 Conesticks
Basket Fern Neil Ross 1 0 Basket Fern
Grey Spider Flower Neil Ross 7 0 Grey Spider Flower
Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby Neil Ross 9 9 Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby

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