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I want to learn and educate people more about all living organisms, especially the small ones.

Fort Worth, TX

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Jumping Spiders of the World
664 participants
2,545 spottings

Jumping Spiders of the World

With cat like grace, agility and Teddy Bearish charms bellying their formidable predatory instincts, the jumping ...

Great Mammals of India
75 participants
238 spottings

Great Mammals of India

India is considered as source of many old age Mammls from this beautiful Planet. Many mammals hold India's ...

Animals with Warning Colors
871 participants
1,540 spottings

Animals with Warning Colors

Many animals use colors in the opposite way of camouflage. They have bright colors wich make them highly ...

Monarch Migration
1,130 participants
669 spottings

Monarch Migration

Where have you seen a Monarch? Help document Monarch migration by posting photos of your spottings.

Eggs of the World
1,335 participants
2,169 spottings

Eggs of the World

Nothing is more symbolic to life in this world than the egg. Like wildlife itself, eggs come in all shapes and ...

Pollinating Insects of the World
1,406 participants
11,009 spottings

Pollinating Insects of the World

Insects are the most important pollinators of flowering plants (Angiosperms). They are very valuable for humans, ...

Global Dragonflies & Damselflies
4,893 participants
12,047 spottings

Global Dragonflies & Damselflies

Dragonflies and damselflies are agile insects of the order Odonata. With a worldwide distribution and over 5,000 ...

Mushroom Mapping
5,975 participants
28,216 spottings

Mushroom Mapping

Mushroom ecology is a pivotal orientation point for exploring urban systems. Help us gather important data and ...

Reptiles of the World
1,140 participants
9,499 spottings

Reptiles of the World

To document reptiles found around the world.

13 participants
386 spottings


Each and every species or spotting made in INDIA deserves to be in this mission....... Please contribute and make ...

Insects and Invertebrates of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala & Tamil Nadu
35 participants
785 spottings

Insects and Invertebrates of ...

A collection of Arthropod diversity of India. Big and small, Cute and Scary, Know and unknown to Mankind.... :-)

Biodiversity of Western Ghats (India)
45 participants
1,221 spottings

Biodiversity of Western Ghats ...

The Western Ghats are one of eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity in the world. Spottings for this ...

Orchids of the Americas
122 participants
499 spottings

Orchids of the Americas

The principal value of the virtual world of orchids, is to preserve, catalog and identify the different and ...

Trees of the World
936 participants
4,916 spottings

Trees of the World

A collection of trees and their characteristics worldwide.

Arthropods parasitised by fungi
41 participants
109 spottings

Arthropods parasitised by fungi

This mission was created to document the occurrence of parasitism of arthropod species by fungi.

142 participants
1,248 spottings


This Mission is the online repository of marine, fresh-water and terrestrial mollusks spotted by Project ...

1,582 participants
9,876 spottings

Backyard Habitats of the World

Some of the most remarkable nature and wildlife can be seen right in your own backyard! The focus of this mission ...

26 participants
288 spottings

Moths Of Sri Lanka

This is a Mission to arrange all the observed Moth beauties in Sri Lanka in to one place . Moths are one of the ...

5 participants
28 spottings

Hawaii Native Species

Please only include native species. Please give detailed descriptions of where the species was observed and as ...

69 participants
4,701 spottings

Biodiversity of Sri Lanka

A Mission to Collect all Sri Lankan Spottings To One Place

62 participants
3,389 spottings


Moths of Indian Subcontinent

3 participants
38 spottings

New Mexico's Wildlife

The purpose of this mission is to help create an appreciation for the many living things indigenous to the New ...

287 participants
731 spottings


This mission seeks to record observations of Anolis lizards wherever they may occur in the Western hemisphere -- ...

1,448 participants
3,537 spottings

Snakes of the United States - ...

Snakes play vital roles as mid- to top-level predators in our natural ecosystems but they are often very ...

1,940 participants
4,773 spottings

Snakes of the World

A mission to document the beautiful snakes species from around the world.

648 participants
6,853 spottings

The Bug Chicks Sofa Safari

We're partnering with Project Noah to make our adventure truly interactive. We want you to upload pictures of ...

29 participants
3,399 spottings

Arthropods of North East India

Please mention the type of habitat and possibly name of the plant on which the organism is spotted. This info will ...

243 participants
4,704 spottings

Biodiversity of Texas

Texas, being the 2nd largest state in the U.S., consists of diverse landscapes that resemble the American South ...

47 participants
490 spottings

Butterflies of Western Ghats

This Mission is Dedicated to all butterflies spotted in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, ...

53 participants
1,177 spottings


Butterflies of Indian Subcontinent

25 participants
364 spottings

Wildlife in the Western Ghats

The Western Ghats overflow with an abundance of flora and fauna. However recent human activities have shrunk the ...

2,379 participants
7,343 spottings

Amphibians of the World

Lethal fungi, habitat loss, and predators have caused severe declines in amphibian populations around the world. ...

2,522 participants
5,703 spottings

The Color Blue

There are so many incredible animals in the color blue. However, at the same time, they are few when considering ...

2,465 participants
12,367 spottings

Captive Animals

While we are all so focused on animals in nature, we ignore the fact theres wildlife in our own zoos. edit: I ...

5,816 participants
14,672 spottings

The Color Red

The color red is a bold color that represents passion. We would like to create a collection of wildlife images ...

2,933 participants
5,827 spottings

Signs of Wildlife

If you look carefully, there are signs of wildlife everywhere. From subtle animal tracks and abandoned spider ...

2,904 participants
8,853 spottings

Nests, hives, bowers, webs & ...

This mission is to document the incredible architectural abilities of animals from all genera.

3,837 participants
18,809 spottings

International Spider Survey

Spiders are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs. The International Society of Arachnology is the ...

125 participants
1,623 spottings

Butterflies & Moths of Texas

Texas's Butterflies, Moths, and their larva.

2,405 participants
12,399 spottings

Nature in Yellow

It would be so interesting to see all the yellow flowers, fruits, insects, animals of the world.

5,470 participants
3,276 spottings

The Lost Ladybug Project

Across North America ladybug species distribution is changing. We're asking you to join us in finding out where ...

1,367 participants
5,619 spottings

Mimetic Animals of the World

One of the most striking survival strategies of animals is mimicking their environment. Mimetism can be used for ...

124 participants
4,505 spottings

Texas Wildlife Photographers

The mission of Texas Nature and Wildlife Photographers is to hunt down and capture nature and wildlife in Texas. ...

207 participants
4,376 spottings

Fungus in America

Discover varieties of fungus of the region.

58 participants
637 spottings

2020 Best Wildlife Photo

Project Noah is calling for your best wildlife photos! This mission is open to members from all over the world and ...

14 participants
281 spottings

Moths of Western Ghats

The Western Ghats or Sahyadri is a mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula, ...

9,414 participants
32,027 spottings

Flowers of North America

We want you to help us build a photo collection of flowers from around the world. Show us what flowers are ...

7,164 participants
43,212 spottings

WILD Cities: Urban Biodiversity

Millions of city-dwellers walk their local streets every day, but many overlook the multitude of animals and ...

1,338 participants
16,749 spottings

Global Flight

To create a magnificent collection of images of your favourite fliers. Not just birds, but bats, insects, even ...

12,695 participants
102,937 spottings

Birds of the World

There are over 10,000 living species of birds on the planet. They can be found in ecosystems across the globe, ...

619 participants
9,623 spottings


Beetles are the most diverse group of organisms on Earth. They are found on six continents in almost every ...

165 participants
999 spottings

2019 Best Wildlife Photo - ...

We're calling for your best wildlife photos! The mission is for spottings submitted in 2019 fitting in our special ...

661 participants
5,138 spottings

Caterpillars and larvae of the ...

There are many beautiful and unique larva forms such as caterpillars that we never even notice until they turn ...

8,418 participants
73,694 spottings

Butterflies & Moths of the World

Butterflies and Moths are insects of the order Lepidoptera. Their brilliant colors have inspired artistic ...

3,426 participants
41,372 spottings

Mission WILD

The WILD Foundation works to protect & interconnect at least half of the planet’s land & water to sustain the ...

2,899 participants
39,423 spottings

Moths of the World

Moths? Yes: a world of sphinxes, hawks, owls, tigers, and scary eyes, all waiting for you outside your door. In ...